The Basics on Cherry Pickers

The Basics on Cherry Pickers

In order to pick fruits up high on a tree, movable elevated work baskets were designed for the fruit pickers to stand in when working. These contraptions were known as cherry pickers, and that’s where our modern cherry pickers got both their name and basic design. Today’s pickers come in different designs and have so many different applications that have little to do with picking fruit.

Types of Modern Cherry Pickers

The number of different types of cherry pickers/sakselift is as vast as their functions and points of application. In general, they all have a basic design that consists of a platform or basket that is attached at the end of a movable arm with a hydraulic lifting system.

Several factors determine how a cherry picker is going to be. These include the height of the work point, the terrain around the work point, the number of people to be carried in the picker, weight of work equipment and so on. Below are common types of cherry pickers:

Boom Lift Cherry Pickers
Boom lifts have articulated arms(liftutleie) that provide good heights as well as outreach. These types of cherry pickers are very useful where there is need to reach over an obstacle such as a wall, a roof, trees and so on. Boom lifts normally have telescopic arms that can raise the work bucket up and outward to incredible reaches depending on the type.

Boom lift cherry pickers have wide range of movement capabilities and so quite useful in almost all applications where a person needs to be raised to a certain point. Uses can be for utility, signage, telecommunication and pest control companies.

Scissor lift Cherry Pickers
As their name suggests, this type of cherry pickers have a scissor shaped lifting design that normally moves the working platform straight up and down. They can be push-around or self propelled. These types of pickers that are sometimes referred to as flying carpets are available with a variety of features for different situations.

Scissor lifts are useful indoors in narrow aisles where straight up access is needed. Applications include stock taking, building maintenance, wall painting and so on.

All-terrain/Vehicle-mounted Cherry Pickers
In situations where the ground conditions are not favorable for the normal self-propelled or stationary cherry pickers, the All-terrain and vehicle-mounted pickers provide the solution. These pickers will have features like four wheel drive systems, caterpillar tracks, traction control and out riders for added stability.

All-terrain, vehicle and truck mounted cherry pickers literally go the distance when it comes to application. They are used in areas that are not that easily accessible, and applications include surveying, construction, tree surgery and so on.

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